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As the name tells you, it’s the kinetics for your sleep, it motivates your sleeping urge. SLEEPNETICS™ uses materials that are non allergic to the human body, with the on going save the earth campaign, SLEEPNETICS™ pledges to use only eco friendly materials in the process of making our mattresses.

As a brand that is going to be incorporated in the United States, SLEEPNETICS™ are founded by a group of sleeping enthusiasts who really understand the importance of sleep. Products have been launched in parts of Asia, like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China.

So far reviews have been superb as we have gather good ratings for our comfortable mattresses. Below are the materials that SLEEPNETICS™ employ for your sleep.

Making a Difference.

Expertly created mattress through time.

Our Philosophy

SLEEPNETICS™ Philosophy is the realisation of a Vision, which is to provide people around the World with a good support for quality sleep. An enriched and fulfilling life starts from a good night’s sleep and a good sleep depends on good mattresses. We promote this philosophy through our segmented range of mattresses with functions that surpasses quality requirements. With our wide range of product range and pricing, our customers will be able to care and enjoy for themselves the best mattress and support that SLEEPNETICS™ has to offer – at a price they can afford.

Our Technology

SLEEPNETICS™ Mattress is engineered to align your spine to help alleviate back pain and to distribute your weight evenly to maximize circulation. Every component of our high performance sleep system combines to deliver correct sleep posture. This position is only possible if your body is supported along its entire length in a way that allows your spine to rest in a natural position while loosely perpendicular to your hips and shoulders. The only way your lower back can completely and fully relax is when your spine is supported in this position.

Our Services

SLEEPNETICS™ uses 100% recyclable packaging materials for our mattresses. All mattresses will be sanitised using UV rays in a dust free environment before packing.