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Spinal Alignment

SLEEPNETICS™ Mattress is engineered to align your spine to help alleviate back pain and to distribute your weight evenly to maximize circulation. Every component of our high performance sleep system combines to deliver correct sleep posture. This position is only possible if your body is supported along its entire length in a way that allows your spine to rest in a natural position while loosely perpendicular to your hips and shoulders. The only way your lower back can completely and fully relax is when your spine is supported in this position.

Engineered to Ease Back Pain

SLEEPNETICS™ Mattresses not only aligns your spine through dynamic contouring support, but can also be customized to the exact requirements of your body, so your back muscles not only get the relief they need, but a consistent opportunity to heal.

Deep Sleep Every Time

Researchers performed a study investigating the effect different types of mattresses had on the body and sleep quality. Their results showed that those who slept on a SLEEPNETICS™ Mattress not only fall asleep faster, but remained in deep sleep longer – approximately one hour more each night.

Spring Coil System - Individual Pocketed Spring

Pocketed springs are the mainstay of mattress springs, of which we offer the finest quality. Every spring is produced from a special wire using a high speed automated equipment. Low coil 3-3/4 and 4-1/2 for classic touch rest are available. Our spring coils are totally stress relieved and efficiently packed and shipped worldwide.

Available in 14cm 5 turns and 17cm 5 turns special height and 17cm 6 turns for high profile mattresses.

Spring Coils – The basics of springs for SLEEPNETICS™

With all the focus about ‘quality sleep’, are we forgetting the basics? Spring coils construction still form the basis of a good mattress that accounts for spring mattress still very much sought after as compared to foam.

SLEEPNETICS™ Spring Coil lasts a life time

SLEEPNETICS™ uses high quality wire to exacting specifications that surpass industry standards.

We invest heavily in R&D to continuously improve product design and materials used in all our bedding. That results in better quality mattress at a cost-effective pricing.

All SLEEPNETICS™ spring coils go through stress relieving methods via a tempering process.
This process is mandatory in order to produce spring coils that will stay in their intended shape which in return produces long-term performance. SLEEPNETICS™ utilises a complete line-up of quality spring coils which enhance the quality in every bed, putting more support and more value in your purchase.

Which way to turn?

The essential physics that enable a spring coil’s strong performance in mattress have not changed, but SLEEPNETICS™ have discovered ways that refine and fine-tune the spring coil construction, resulting in different levels of support and comfort.

The number of convulsions in a coil, the gauge of the wire, the way the wire is tempered and connected, plus the cushioning materials that are married into the spring coils, when varied, create new designs with endless arrays of characteristics that result in different comfort zones and levels.

Spring count

Judging the value of a mattress by spring count is an obsolete method. No doubt coil count can affect weight distribution and mattress feel, but it is not the only determining factor for overall comfort, firmness, durability and quality. Spring count is just one of the many factors that contribute to a good mattress.

Standard industrial practice will thus recommend:
A Queen-size mattress should have at least 375 coils. A King-size mattress should have at least 459 coils.

These numbers represent the crossover point between bargain basement mattresses and those that provide good basic support.

Research has shown that it’s impossible to come out with a clear definition when comparing mattresses, because of the many variables and possible combinations in mattress construction. However, research also shows that spring coil mattresses offer superior performance when it comes to support, minimising lower back strains while lying on both supine and side positions.